grantpirrie / Private / denotes the private collection of Stephen Grant and Bridget Pirrie. This collection, while private, has a particularly public face with loans to major museums and institutions, comprising a significant aim of the collection. The collection currently includes more than several hundred artworks, with 87 artists represented. Included within the collection are Two laws, One big spirit, a 14 panel conversation about White and Black law in Australia.
GrantPirrie / Private was the principal benefactor of the Saltwater collection now housed at the National Maritime Museum Sydney. This collection comprises 84 bark panel paintings, which form a fundamental document of Land and Sea Rights for the High Court Of Australia.
Working extensively with art consultants ensures the collection remains a true representation of exemplary practice within the grantpirrie aesthetic. Moreover Stephen and Bridget travel broadly, explore continuously and are always delighted to encounter artists whose work Challenges their thinking.
grantpirrie / Private / through public exhibition of private works, grantpirrie private extends contemporary art dialogue in several directions including exhibiting in major museums.
Supporting institutions is also of primary importance to Grantpirrie / Private – Philanthropy, support of key local and international institutions, hosting and promotion of organizations is how Grantpirrie / Private maintains contact and furthers relationships with an increasingly diverse and multi–disciplinary art world.
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